Pressure Sensor Remote Monitoring


Implantable pressure sensors are small electronic implants which are used to monitor the pulmonary artery pressure in patients with heart failure.

To optimize heart failure management, implantable pressure sensors have a "telemonitoring" function which enables daily transmissions of the actual pulmonary artery pressure for timely medical decision making.

Benefits for your customers.

Patients with heart failure need intensified and professional medical care. Even in periods of well-being deteriorations may occur, which - if not detected in time - can lead to dangerous deteriorations of the disease.

The implanted pressure sensor enables early detection and prompt therapy adjustment with regard to heart failure medication and timely indication for further invasive measures.

Since heart failure and cardiac arrhythmias often co-exist, most patients with a pressure sensor also wear a defibrillator, pacemaker or loop recorder. Therefore, as a unique offer, our team not only reviews the transmissions from the pressure sensor, but we track data from all devices in a given heart failure patient. Bringing this information together provides physicians with unique differential diagnostic insights and a holistic approach to managing their complex patients.

A close and long-lasting relationship between patient, physician and device manufacturer develops, where you as the manufacturer enable the physician to always be informed and competently on hand when his patient needs him most.

Our logistical service for you.

Due to the patients’ progressed heart failure status, timely data processing is the most important requirement for professional pressure sensor management. Connectivity issues and monitoring of co-existing arrhythmia devices are additional challenges. Patients often transmit their data to different manufacturers with the corresponding variety of transmission networks, server structures, transmission protocols and user interfaces.

With a lot of experience, we can solve these challenges for you. Our service is vendor independent. Every working day, our specialized team looks at all transmissions sent from pressure sensors, defibrillators, pacemakers and loop recorders of heart failure patients. These analyses are performed on the manufacturer's server platform or after transmission to our monitor center.

In case of abnormal pressure values and if agreed upon, our team will also be happy to contact patients to inquire about their general health status along with a structured heart failure interview. Manual co-interrogation of co-existing arrhythmia devices can be added as needed.

Relevant information is selected, bundled and forwarded to the physician. This is our service, so that the attending physician can decide on further medical treatment timely and precisely.

If data quality of pressure values is limited or transmission connectivity is lacking, our team will contact the patients to clarify root causes and repeat the transmission if necessary.

Our processes comply with the requirements of the current resolution of the Joint Federal Committee of Physicians and Health Insurers (G-BA) on telemonitoring in heart failure.

If you have further questions, are interested in our service and would like to get more information, please contact us directly.