What is the LifeVest®?

The LifeVest® is a wearable device that makes direct electrical contact with your skin through large area electrodes. When worn on the body, it continuously monitors your ECG and treats life-threatening arrhythmias with an electrical shock.

The LifeVest® is a wearable defibrillator used for patients who need temporary protection from life threatening heart rhythm abnormalities.

What is telemonitoring and why should you have it?

Technical integrity and appropriate handling of the LifeVest® are important prerequisites for its appropriate medical performance. To monitor those, the LifeVest® has a "telemonitoring function". This enables daily transmission of device data to an external server platform.

These transmissions also contain many health information. Among others they report ECGs, heart rhythm disturbances, physical activity and exercise capacity.

LifeVest® patients often suffer from co-existing heart failure. Even during periods of well-being changes may occur, which - if not detected in time - can lead to a dangerous worsening of heart failure. With LifeVest® telemonitoring, your doctor can react promptly and precisely upon such disturbances, which you yourself may not even notice yet. This increases safety and efficacy of your medical treatment.

Typical medical decisions drawn from the transmitted data include management of cardiac medication, device programming decisions and possibly the need for further advanced medical interventions.

How exactly do we help you?

Our specialized team can play an important role in your care. Every working day, we look at all transmissions sent from your LifeVest®. In case of missing or unsuccessful transmissions, we will contact you personally to clarify root causes and, if necessary, repeat data transmission. Your general condition will also be asked.

The gathered information will be timely forwarded to your attending physician so that he or she can quickly and precisely determine your further medical management.

If you have any questions about the functionality of your LifeVest®, or if you have noticed any abnormalities, you can also contact us at any time.

If you have any further questions or are interested in our service, please contact us directly. We are here for you!