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e-heart experts digitally monitor and report heart function data for health-conscious people - promptly, precisely, and in compliance with data protection laws.

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This is how our telemonitoring-service works.

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Personal expert analysis
Reliable, specialized, and vendor-independent
Reduced monitoring effort for physicians
Increased life expectancy & safety for patients

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e-heart is the digital health company specializing in the review, analysis and delivery of cardiac functional data.

Originating from an academic research center, e-heart AG was founded in Dresden in 2020. Our team has more than 10 years of experience in monitoring more than 3.000 patients.

We help people with heart problems or who suffer from pre-existing heart conditions, as well as people who simply want to live a health-conscious life, to evaluate and ask questions about their ECG. This can be a smartwatch ECG or any other.

We support physicians and clinics in caring for their patients with implanted or wearable cardiac devices in a long-term, resource-efficient way. In this way, we help physicians to save time and your patients to stay healthy, detect disorders early and follow therapies optimally.

We support manufacturers of telemonitoring-enabled medical devices in the optimal use of their technology. With our competent ECG and device analysis, we contribute to the success of treatment and to the health of all the people for whom you and your customers are there every day.

About us
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Our experts analyze your ECG and provide you with the result promptly. We will also be happy to contact you personally to talk to you if necessary. It is a matter of the heart for us to be there for you!

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