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Our telemonitoring service for your clinical care.

You have patients with implanted or wearable cardiac devices, and you want to use the data out of these devices for your clinical treatment decisions? You shy away from data overload, connectivity issues and handling challenges? You want to save resources, be efficient and yet establish a long-term and close patient relationship?

Welcome to e-heart! We are your telemonitor center, providing fast and uncomplicated ECG and device analysis for your patients. e-heart monitors your patients wherever you are, 24 hours a day, if desired. Our team continuously collects, reviews and analyzes the data and informs you promptly and precisely in case of abnormalities. This reduces your daily workload.

Take advantage of our reliable and highly specialized service. We work independently of device manufacturers and in compliance with European data protection regulations. Our processes comply with the current requirements of the German Joint Federal Committee of Physicians and Health Insurers (G-BA) on telemonitoring in heart failure.

Our specialized team will be happy to assist you personally. Just contact us and create free space for you and your patients.

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We can support and help you! With ECG and device monitoring from e-heart we take workload off your shoulders. Nevertheless, you will intensify your clinical management and your long-term patient relationship. All in the interest of the health and well-being of the ones you care for every day.

1.Your clinic or hospital can book our service for your patients conveniently as a service agreement. We will be happy to assist you, your clinic or hospital with a personal consultation.

2.You work in a clinic or hospital that implants cardiac devices? The clinic or hospital can book our monitoring service upon device purchase through the manufacturer. We will be happy to assist you, your clinic, hospital or device rep with a personal consultation.

3.Your patient can book our service conveniently with our team. We will be happy to assist your patient with a personal consultation.