Your heart talks? We are listening!

Do you have palpitations and/or questions about your ECG recording from a Smartwatch or any other wearable ECG device? Are you a patient with a Defibrillator/Pacemaker, Loop Recorder, Pressure Sensor or a LifeVest®?

Welcome to e-heart! We are specialized in collecting, reviewing and analyzing your cardiac function data. We inform you and your doctor timely in case of abnormalities. That is, how we help you to remain healthy, to detect abnormalities at an early stage and to optimize follow-up after previous therapy.

Our specialized team is also available to assist you personally. Please contact us.

Our services

Your Options

We are here for you! Using latest technology, personal know-how, digital processes and a dedicated and safe data infrastructure we support you in supervising your heart function.

You can send us ECG tracings quickly and conveniently using our Upload Function. After evaluation, we will get back to you shortly.

For continuous data monitoring and analysis of your defibrillator, pacemakers, loop recorder, pressure sensor and LifeVest® you have the following options:

1.You can book our service conveniently with our team.

We will be happy to assist you with a personal consultation.

2.Your physician or hospital can book our service for you. Please ask there. Our processes comply with the current requirements of the German Joint Federal Committee of Physicians and Health Insurers (G-BA) on telemonitoring in heart failure.

Here, too, we will be happy to assist both you and your physicians personally.