What are defi­brillators / pace­makers?

Defibrillators and pacemakers are implanted medical devices to treat patients with heart rhythm disorders in which the heartbeat is too slow and/or too fast. Some of these devices provide additional benefits for patients with heart failure.

The mechanism of action of these devices includes simple electrical stimulation - imperceptible to patients - and, in the case of defibrillators, the ability to deliver life-saving electrical shocks.

What is telemonitoring and why should you have it?

Technical device safety of the defibrillator/pacemaker, its battery and connected electrodes is an important prerequisite for an appropriate medical device performance.

To improve device surveillance, most defibrillators and pacemakers have a "telemonitoring function". This enables daily transmissions of the technical device status. In addition, newly occurring cardiac arrhythmias and other health information are also provided.

This increases your safety and your medical care, as physicians can react promptly and precisely on any new device or health abnormality. Typical medical decisions include medication adaptation and device programming decisions. Even the need for further medical interventions such as cardiac ablation or cardiac/device surgery may be detected.

It is known from scientific data that with such intensified patient care well-being improves, quality of life increases, and in certain patients, mortality decreases significantly.

How exactly do we help you?

Our specialized team can play an important role in your care. Every working day, we look at all transmissions sent from your defibrillator or pacemaker. In case of missing or unsuccessful transmissions, we will contact you personally to clarify root causes and, if necessary, repeat data transmission. Your general condition will also be asked.

The gathered information will be timely forwarded to your attending physician so that he or she can quickly and precisely determine your further medical management.

If you want to ask about the performance of your device or if you noticed any abnormalities, you are also welcomed to directly contact us and have your symptoms aligned with the data out of your device.

If you have further questions, are interested in our service and would like to get more information, please contact us directly. We are here for you!