What is an ECG?

ECG recording is one of the most important and most frequently used diagnostic procedures to obtain information about function and disorders of the heart. In this context, the ECG is used for screening, work-up of complaints and follow-up after medical interventions.

Why does it need an ECG Analysis Service?

With today's technological progress, many people outside of hospitals and clinics have the ability to record their own ECG. Recording technologies vary in form and scope. The Smartwatch ECG is a typical example. Beyond that, a variety of other recording methodologies exists, some of them recording ECGs over longer periods of time, such as Holter ECGs and ECG devices.

Optimal medical ECG usage requires an accurate and precise review and description of the ECG tracing at every single heartbeat. Only with such an analysis the attending physician can use the ECG for medical diagnosis and therapy determination.

Automatic analytic algorithms are available but limited in their accuracy. The rapidly increasing number of self- and 3rd-party-recorded ECG tracings further stretches resources in hospitals and clinics.

How exactly do we help you?

Our specialized team will provide you with a high-quality ECG analysis service. We will analyze your ECG regardless of the recording technology. Simply send us your ECG tracing. All we need is a PDF file.

Our team will analyze your ECG and provide the result to you and your attending physician. In case of faulty or unclear recordings, we will contact you personally to repeat the recording if necessary. If you have any questions about your ECG analysis, you are also welcomed to contact us personally at any time to discuss the results. We are here for you!