What is a Loop Recorder?

Loop recorders are small electronic devices that are injected under the skin near to the heart. Loop recorders continuously surveil your ECG.

With physician programmed presets, loop recorders automatically store abnormal heart rhythm episodes. In addition to this automatic mode, patients have the opportunity to self-activate ECG episode storage. This is useful to record an ECG in the exact moment of patients’ discomfort and symptoms. That way loop recorders can help to detect heart rhythm abnormalities that lead to rare and difficult-to-diagnose patient’s symptoms.

Reasons for providing patients with loop recorders include work-up of unclear and rare cardiac arrhythmias, unclear dizziness/unconsciousness, and unclear strokes; as well as follow-up of known heart disease and after medical interventions (e.g., catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation).

What is telemonitoring and why should you have it?

Loop recorders store large quantities of ECG episodes. Detailed and timely analysis of each ECG recording is necessary to distinguish common harmless artifacts from rare important ECG abnormalities.

To optimize the outcome of the ECG analysis, loop recorders have a "telemonitoring function". This enables daily transmission of all new ECG episodes as well as other health data to a server station for manual review.

That improves your medical care, because each episode can be analyzed timely and precisely. Typical medical decisions made out of the transmitted data include medication adaptation, cardioversions and decisions for further medical interventions (e.g., defibrillator/pacemaker need, ablation therapy, other cardiac and coronary surgeries and interventions).

How exactly do we help you?

Our specialized team can play an important role in your care. Every working day, we look at all transmissions sent from your loop recorder. In case of missing or unsuccessful transmissions, we will contact you personally to clarify root causes and, if necessary, repeat data transmission. Your general condition will also be asked.

The gathered information will be timely forwarded to your attending physician so that he or she can quickly and precisely determine your further medical management.

If you have any questions about the performance of your loop recorder or if you noticed any abnormalities, you are also welcomed to directly contact us and have your symptoms aligned with the data out of your loop recorder.

If you have further questions, are interested in our service and would like to get more information, please contact us directly. We are here for you!