What are pressure sensors?

Implantable pressure sensors are small electronic implants which are used to monitor the blood pressure in the lung artery in patients with heart failure.

Timely recording of such pressure changes in heart failure patients enables rapid medical decisions that improve well-being, enhance quality of life and increase life expectancy.

What is telemonitoring and why should you have it?

Patients with heart failure need intensified and professional medical care. Even in periods of well-being changes may occur, which - if not detected in time - can lead to dangerous deteriorations of the disease.

To optimize heart failure management, implantable pressure sensors have a "telemonitoring" function which enables daily transmissions of the actual pressure out of the lung artery.

This increases safety and efficacy of clinical management through timely and precise physician involvment. Typical medical reactions include dosage adaptations of heart failure medication and the potential need for further medical interventions.

It is known from scientific data that with such intensified patient care well-being improves, quality of life increases, and both frequency of hospitalization and mortality decrease.

How exactly do we help you?

Our specialized team can play an important role in your care. On a daily basis, we look at all transmissions sent from your pressure sensor. In case of missing or unsuccessful transmissions, we will contact you personally to clarify root causes and, if necessary, repeat data transmission. Your general condition will also be asked.

The gathered information will be timely forwarded to your attending physician so that he or she can quickly and precisely determine your further medical management.

Since heart failure and heart rhythm disorders often co-exist, most patients with a pressure sensor also wear a defibrillator, pacemaker or loop recorder. Therefore, as a unique offer, our team not only reviews the transmissions from your pressure sensor, but we also track the data from all your other cardiac devices. Bringing this information together makes it easier for your physician to consider, link and manage all of your heart problems appropriately.

If you have questions about the function of your pressure sensor, or if you have noticed any abnormalities, you are also welcomed to contact us at any time to have your symptoms aligned with the current data out of your device.

If you have further questions, are interested in our service and would like to get more information, please contact us directly. We are here for you!