ECG Remote Monitoring


ECG recording is one of the most important and widely used cardiac diagnostic procedures. Technologies for ECG recording are evolving rapidly and vary widely in form and scope. Well-known innovations include ECGs from Smartwatches and technologies that can record ECGs over longer periods of time, such as innovative Holter solutions and ECG devices.

Medical Use.

With today's technological progress, the number of ECG recordings and the desire for ECG evaluations are increasing rapidly. Even outside of clinics and hospitals medical laymen have the technical ability to perform ECG recordings on their own.

Optimal medical ECG usage requires an accurate and precise review and description of the ECG tracing at every single heartbeat. Only with such an analysis the attending physician can optimally use the ECG for medical diagnosis and therapy determination.

Automatic analytic algorithms are available but limited in their accuracy. The rapidly increasing number of self- and 3rd-party-recorded ECG tracings further stretches resources in hospitals, clinics and care facilities.

Our logistical service for you.

Our specialized team offers high-quality ECG analysis service. We analyze the ECGs tracings recorded by your technology and provide the result to the attending physician for further diagnosis and therapy decisions.

We analyze ECGs regardless of duration and recording technology. We offer a comprehensive evaluation service for daily practice / clinic / care.

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