What is a loop recorder?


Implantable loop recorders are diagnostic tools capable of providing 24/7 continuous ECG monitoring. Loop recorders store large quantities of ECG episodes. Detailed and timely analysis of each ECG recording is necessary to distinguish common harmless artifacts from rare important ECG abnormalities.

To optimize the outcome of the ECG analysis, loop recorders have a "telemonitoring function". This enables daily transmission of all new ECG episodes as well as other health data to a server station for manual review.

Benefits to your customers.

Various medical reasons may lead to continuous ECG monitoring with an implantable loop recorder.

Classic indications concern rhythm-symptom correlation in patients with unclear cardiac arrhythmias, dizziness and syncope, as well as the differential diagnostic work-up in patients with cryptogenic stroke. For all these scenarios, the clinical value of an implantable loop recorder has been scientifically proven.

Increasingly, the technology is also used for intensified management of atrial fibrillation, for follow-up after catheter ablation, and for risk stratification of sudden cardiac death.

Our logistical service for you.

The main challenge for the professional use of implantable loop recorders concerns the enormous amount of recorded ECG episodes. This is further complicated by the variety of transmission networks, server structures, transmission protocols and user interfaces of the different device manufacturers and their inherent connectivity issues. Timely data processing is also important.

With a lot of experience, we can solve these challenges for you. Every working day, our team looks at all transmissions sent from your implantable loop recorders. These analyses are performed on your server platform or after transmission into our monitor center.

Only abnormal episodes - which we initially coordinate with the attending physician - are processed by us and forwarded to the physician. This way we reduce the workload of your customer, nevertheless, enable him for timely and precise clinical decisions.

In case of missing or unsuccessful transmissions, our team will contact the patients to clarify root causes and, if necessary, repeat data transmission. According to physician’s preference, the general health status of the patients can also be collected in a structured interview.

If you have any further questions, are interested in our service and would like to find out more, please contact us directly.