Information on data protection in accordance to Art. 13 (DSGVO)

I. Data protection at e-heart (responsible party).

e-heart is responsible for processing your data (Bischofsweg 106, 01099 Dresden). e-heart is the digital health company that is specialized in collecting, reviewing and providing functional data of the heart. e-heart protects its customers’ and employees’ data.

e-heart analyzes data from external ECG devices and smartwatches, and it monitors patients with pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted loop recorders, implanted pressure sensors and LifeVest®. Upon such service, important heart function data can be collected.

Use and monitoring of mentioned devices generates a large amount of health data which must be evaluated timely by specialized staff. Individual customers, physicians, hospitals and device manufacturers can purchase ECG analysis and device monitoring services from e-heart. Regardless of the individual contractual relationship, e-heart requires informed consent for use of health and other protected data (§ 203 of the German Criminal Code (StGB), as well as a declaration of release from confidentiality from any patient prior monitoring service enrolment.

II. Purpose and basis of data processing at e-heart

Our service creates the opportunity for convenient and timely collection, review and utilisation of heart function information. Our specialzed team guarantees a high quality analysis with regard to ECG and monitoring data. To provide this service to you, e-heart needs to collect, process and use personal data (e.g. name and address) and health data (e.g. information on illnesses, treatments, medications, monitoring data). Our data management also includes data processing for retrospective analysis, quality control and quality management with regard to internal processes and analytic outcome, as far as it is necessary for our service within the framework of our contractual relationship. Upon termination of our service, your data will be fully deleted, unless legal retention periods require differently.

III. Further information

Data storage and processing takes place on physical server locations in Germany in compliance with European data protection regulations. We only handle your data with certified technical service providers with whom we can ensure highest standards of technical data protection. For data transfer (e.g. to physicians or hospitals), e-heart complies with applicable data protection regulations for securing and encrypting customer information.

IV. Your Rights

You have the rights of access, rectification, erasure and blocking of your personal data at e-heart, as well as the right to object data processing and data transfer .

You can also contact the competent supervisory authority at any time and complain about your data processing at e-heart.

V. Our Data Protection Officer

Our data protection officer can be contacted at